Timing is everything
Probiotics range PERKii uses excess stock to reach 16,000 new customers through rideshare sampling
physical reach
Plenty of positive feedback and response from customers
Rideshare driver
Drivers saw an increase in both their ratings and tips.
It would have been great to get flyers a bit earlier so we could send them at the same time as sending products out.

PERKii is a range of delicious, probiotic juices that offer great taste but even better benefits for the consumer. With literally billions of probiotics in each beverage, PERKii is the brainchild of a leading team of Food Technicians at The University of Queensland. Their unique encapsulation process protects the probiotics from being destroyed by our stomachs with a natural, micro-coating so they are able to get to where it really matters: your gut!

Unfortunately, due to covid-19, the PERKii team found themselves with excess stock in Queensland and Victoria. Rather than let their product go to waste, they decided this was a great opportunity to grow their fanbase by distributing this excess stock as free samples.

The impending use-by date of the products meant a solution was needed, fast. Using our seamless booking platform, the PERKii team booked their sampling activation via one of our most popular Activation Partners, Grabox, who offer access to a nationwide network of rideshare and food delivery drivers.

By filtering their options, PERKii were able to zero in on specific postcodes within Sydney and Melbourne to target consumers using rideshare services in areas where they could also track uptake with nearby retailers.

The activation was a huge success, with PERKii reaching more than 16,000 potential new customers with their free samples. The activation was also a great success for our Host, Grabox, who reported that their drivers saw an increase in both ratings from passengers and tips during the activation.