KIND Bars boost brand awareness
In-KIND activation sweetens stay for 18120 OVOLO guests
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It's always nice receiving a free product to top off a wonderful stay!
Ovolo Guest
What a yummy bar
Ovolo Guest

KIND’s mission is to do the kind thing for your body, kind for your taste buds, and kind for your world. Nutritionally-dense ingredients, with nothing artificial. KIND wanted to get their Dark Chocolate Nut protein bar into the hands of consumers to develop further brand awareness and drive trial through sampling. They were after a partner with a similar ethos to theirs, and Ovolo Hotels was the perfect fit.

Ovolo hotels are premium accommodation spaces that reflect the city they’re in, making each experience unique and full of joy for the customer. From the wifi to the mini bar, everything is included in the fare so that your stay is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Through the Brandcrush marketplace, KIND was able to sample across the 6 Ovolo hotels in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra. The KIND bars were placed in the fridge & on the counter top in hotel rooms, offered as part of Ovolo’s “Loot Bags” - part of the perks of the stay!

The campaign was highly successful. KIND were able to leverage the existing reputation of Ovolo hotels to connect with a highly engaged consumer group, while Ovolo’s guests were delighted to receive a free sample of this delicious product.